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Game recap: Rangers/Bruins. Final Score 3-3, Rangers win in SO.

Good lord.

Sometimes after watching a hockey game, you feel like you’ve experienced the full range of glorious human emotion. The triumph! The disappointment! The love and/or hate for your fellow man! You and your team are one, united across time and space for all eternity!

Other times, you feel like you just want to shake your fist at someone, grandpa style, and then walk away grumbling and cursing at no one in particular.

Tonight was a fist-shaker.

Things I said during the first 2 ¾ periods:

  • "What’s up with the Bruins? Doesn‘t look like they have a lot of fight in their game tonight."
  • "So much for an exciting rivalry."
  • "I know we’re winning 3-0, but there’s still something about our game that doesn’t look convincing."
  • "I feel like the 3rd period is going to be all Rangers!"
  • "This is going to be a boring recap."
  • "Whatever. Enjoy your one goal, Boston." 

Things I said during the last 2.5 minutes of regulation:

  • "Piss off, we got this."
  • "ARE YOU SERIOUS? Whatever. We’re still winning. Just gotta kill these last few—"
  • "Well shit. Seriously?!?"

Things I said during the shoot out:

  • "Hank’s not even sweating. He loves this shit."
  • "Damn, Rick Nash! That reach is INSANE.”
  • "This is the first real confirmation I’ve gotten that Marian Gaborik was even playing in this game tonight. Way to show up, Gabby."
  • "Brad Richards, you’re having a weird little stretch of games, aren’t you buddy?" then, seconds later: “Yeah you need to work some stuff out, 19.”
  • "Come on Cally, don’t let us down."
  • "OHMYGODTHANKGOD. Damn right we won, get out of here Boston."
  • "You know what? I’m still pissed."

Until next time. Cheers, and as always, thanks for reading.

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